Axel's 1st Birthday

April 27, 2017 - Happy Birthday

my little AngelFace!

Axel didn’t want to miss out on annny moment of his birthday. So he woke everyone up at 5am too kick off the day watching the sunrise. Then we eased into the rest of the morning with breakfast and lots of coffee for mom and dad…

I didn’t plan a big shindig for his first birthday. I wanted it to be just the three of us. While Axel was napping Mike and I set up the kitchen table with some decorations I found on Etsy, and his favorite stuffed animals. When we brought him out from his nap and he saw his party setup he got excited. He could tell something fun and new was happening. Mike got Axel’s favorite tune pumping (This Girl by the Kungs), and the party really started. Axel was all smiles and bouncing in his seat. We cut the cakes – a PB&J flavor, and banana bread flavor – and gave them to Axel to try. He was more interested in playing with the cake than eating it. He actually didn’t really eat any of it. Which means Mike and I ate all of it lol. So we gave Axel his favorite food…cheese. He was happy as happy could be.

The world is your oyster Axel Rain.