Axel's First Snow

Axel's First Snow

Oooh snow is so pretty! And magical! Especially that first snow.

I didn’t really see much snow growing up in Louisiana and the southern part of Virginia. If it frosted school would be cancelled and kids would be outside trying to make 1” snowmen on the hoods of their parent’s car. So marrying a Canadian man and now living in Michigan, I really get all the snow I never got growing up.

This first snow was extra special though because it was Axel’s first time experiencing it. He was 8 months old, and able to sit up on his own, but not doing much else other than that haha. But I still needed to be a good mother and document this first snow experience. So I put a garbage bag on the driveway and his playmat on top of it. Then I bundled him up and gave him his favorite stuffed animal of the moment – leopard kitty, a gift from his friend Lucca J.  I snapped photos for about 7 minutes and then figured we’d both frozen our buns off enough.

The photos with Mike I took a few days later. Mike had been on the road for the first snow, but we got another beautiful blanket of snow when he returned home. I didn’t have any mittens small enough for Axel (why you ask? Good question. I’m still trying to figure that out). So I improvised with socks. That’s what us southerners did growing up – socks for mittens and bread bags over your sneakers for “snow shoes”.

(Outfit details below)

Axel outfit 1:

Coat - Nununu (old)

Beanie - sweet lucy jack (etsy)

Leopard Stuffed animal - St Jude

pants - Dudes N Dolls (on sale)

axel outfit 2:

Beanie-Zara Baby (old)

Denim Shirt-Zara Baby (old)

Infinity Scarf- Blaebird (etsy)

Knit Onesie Suit- Carter’s (old)

Baby Fur Boots- Robeez

Mike is wearing:

Coat: Burberry (old)


Hat- Nick Foquet

Jeans- John Varvatos (similar)