Covington, Louisiana

That southern magic and charm...

At the end of every season we spend a week or two visiting my family down in Louisiana. My brothers live in New Orleans, and my parents and some of my extended family live about 40 minutes outside of the city. I love the hot humid air and the sound of the cicadas in the evenings. Louisiana has always held a magic of its own for me.

This past May we had the opportunity to stay at a gorgeous airbnb property in the heart of the little town my mom lives in: Covington, Louisiana. Think Spanish moss covered oak trees, and the perfect wraparound porch - It felt straight out of a classic romantic movie.

Axel was ecstatic about the pool and yard. We would spend countless hours chasing him around while he squealed with delight - because what kid doesn't love being chased? haha. He also couldn't get enough of splashing in the pool. #heaven