Hazy Days

I wanted to test out some smoke bombs since I had an upcoming holiday shoot with a special request for them. My girlfriend, Erica Ott, is a pro at working the smoke bomb magic in photos, and creating beautiful scenes with them (you can check out her work here) . So, I asked her for some tips and this is what she advised: 1.Beware, the colored bombs can stain clothes. 2.Know which way the wind is blowing. 3.The smoke only lasts about 20-30 seconds per bomb. 4.You'll need an assistant to set off and hold the smoke bomb if your photo subject isn't old enough to. Annnd, 5. Don't be surprised if a fireman shows up.

All duly noted!

I took these photos of Axel last November. It happened to be a hazy fall day already, and the smoke bombs just added to the eerie, cool effect of it all. Axel  l o v e d  chasing the smoke around until it disappeared. My cousin Lauren was an excellent photo assistant as you can see in some of the photos below. Overall, I'd say the smoke bombs are a win - they're easy to use, super fun, and look rad in pictures!


smoke bombs

Axel's hoodie

Axel's boots