Family Photos

One of my absolute favorite things to do while growing up was sitting in my grandparents hallway pouring over the stacks upon stacks of shoe boxes full of old family photographs. There were photos of my great great grandparents all the way through my parents youth.

I had my own little ritual - I would wait until everyone went to bed and then tiptoe into the hallway and go through each and every box. It felt like I was unlocking some sort of sacred secrets of the past opening those dusty old shoe boxes.  I spent countless hours devouring the photos and knitting together what the stories and emotions surrounding each picture must have been.

Now Mike and I get to create family memories and photographs that perhaps someday will be poured over by little hands and eyes with wonder and imagination. Preferably not from dusty old shoe boxes (as romantic as that may be), but stored properly using archival methods. Yes, I just photo geeked out ;).

Below are photographs from our very first photoshoot as a family of three. Taken August of 2016 (Axel was 4 months old), in Calgary, Alberta by the sweet and beautifully talented, Lindsay Leachman. Lindsay has a way of capturing precious, intimate moments with such whimsy and depth. I'm so grateful to have these lovely images to look back on and remember those tiny little baby cuddles.