Global WIldlife


Giraffes, and zebras and llamas - oh my!

Axel loves Giraffes. So while visiting my family down in Louisiana this past December my dad and his wife Lillie suggested we take Axel to Global Wildlife, a free-roaming wildlife reserve not far from where they live. Ummm, How did I not know this existed?! I would have been frequenting this 900 acre, exotic animal filled amazingness every time we were down to see them! You get to feed the animals right from the palm of your hand. The giraffes will even let you pet their sweet faces. It is SO COOL.

Axel was in awe at the size of the giraffes. He's used to just seeing the photos of them in his books. So when three life size giraffes strolled right up to us looking for a snack and a snuggle, Axel was dumbfounded. And honestly, so was I. It was such an amazing experience; getting to look them right in the eye and say hello. All the animals were truly a sight to see. You had to watch out for the zebras though because apparently they bite. You just throw the food on the ground for those grumpies. There were massive bison, and peacocks and all kinds of other exotic animals too.

Global Wildlife is such a unique and memorable experience. Thanks dad and Lillie for our first visit! We will be making it a new tradition to go see the Giraffes or "faffe's", as Axel calls them, whenever we're in town.