alligators & bike adventures

fall fun in michigan

Back in November we took Axel to Cranbrook, a picturesque school near us, to ride his bike and play in the beautiful fall leaves. The school had already shut off and emptied out one of their huge fountains for the winter, and it was the perfect space for Axel to ride his bike freely among the gorgeous, mammoth sculptures. Not sure if this was “legal” or if we were pulling a delinquent act by turning their water fountain into a skate park, buuuut it was totally worth it. #rebellife

Axel is obsessed with his bike. I bought him this balance bike last summer. It is the best thing ever, and eliminates the need for training wheels, making the transition to a 2-wheel pedal bike easier, theoretically - we haven’t gotten that far yet:). I myself didn’t learn how to ride a two-wheeler until I was 8. Yes 8 years old! Late bloomer to say the least. And the very first day I learned how, I rode right into a parked car, fell off and scraped my knee. I still have a scar on my knee to this day. I digress…

This was the first really brisk, cold day and I was so excited to give Axel his new alligator coat. Any other parents get overly pumped about their kid’s clothes? Too much fun. Axel always looks way cooler than I do lol. Axel enjoys his “alligator chomp chomp snap” coat. It’s by one of my favorite kids clothing brands, Hugo Loves Tiki. Their designs are so quirky, fun and magical. I love to mix and match all the colorful pieces. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking them out!

Alligator Coat

Galaxy Sweatpants

Boots - on sale

Balance Bike