It was almost Maxwell and Axel’s first birthday. And since we were so fortunate to have Maxwell visiting we decided to have an almost birthday shoot. I thought some colorful confetti would be super fun and exciting for the babes. Right? Wrong.

Good thing I decided to do this pre-birthday dry run with the confetti because both babies bawled. Totally hated it. Didn’t want it on them, near them, around them or anywhere in their lives for that matter. Oopsies. #mommatried

I still thought they were cute even with their sad little baby faces though. So I snapped the photos anyway. It was all hands on deck for this confetti shoot. All fourof us parents were trying to get the babies to sit in front of their birthday sign, look at the camera and not cry, while also throwing confetti. I’ll be vacuuming up confetti for the rest of my life. #hotmess

It's their party and they'll cry if they want to. You would cry to if it happened to you.

You can get your confetti of tears here: Push-Pop Confetti