Miami with Friends

NHL all star break + Miami + 10 kids

E Q U A L S —-> a kickass vacation…with minimal sleep ;)

It’s become an annual thing among our friends to spend all star break in Florida at our dear (and extremely generous) friend, Bill Dean’s gorgeous home on the waterfront in Miami. Between the pool, spa, gym, tennis court, stunning house, and lush landscape there is no lack for things to do! The kids have the besttime ever, as do the parents. I call it “summer camp”, even though we go in January/February, because it feels like our own little cocoon of non-stop fun, food and laughter. Axel’s very first time to Florida was our first trip to Bill Dean’s three years ago. We’ve made so many fun memories here over these past three years!

Thank you Bill for your hospitable heart and for sharing your beautiful home with us! It’s so incredibly special and has left a lasting and loving impression on us and our kids. <3