New Friends

Yay! We’ve made some new friends! :)

One of the things I love about Mike’s job is that it brings us into contact with new people from all different places, that we otherwise never would have met. It’s such a beautiful opportunity to build friendships and broaden our horizons.

And as a mom, I am always down to make new mom friends! Someone I can feel no shame wearing sweatpants and a mom bun with while sipping on ice-cold coffee (that would have been hot if it wasn’t for chasing babies around). 

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Ott family. Erica Ott is a gem. She’s a creative spitfire spirit with a heart of gold. And her sweet angelface babe, Maverick (about a year older than Axel), is such a fun-loving rockstar. 

These are photos I took from Mav and Axel’s first time meeting each other. Erica and I hadn’t planned for them to be matching. So yeah, that right there tells ya – besties think alike! 

Axel had just recently learned how to sit up on his on. Mav was so sweet giving him hugs and fist bumps. 

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