Tarot Project

My tarot project is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. I decided to jump into it with the ideas circling in my head and just see where it takes me…

I’m shooting this project on medium format black and white film with my vintage Hasselblad camera.  I took these images in my basement darkroom/”studio” room. It’s nothing fancy – just a couple black out drape panels hung on the wall as a backdrop, a stool for the model, and my cell phone flashlight as my light source (which I hand hold). I wanted the photos to be dark and contrasty; to really show the separation between negative and positive space in each frame. Gimme that moody feel I love. <3

Before I take the photos I sit down with the model and have them draw one tarot card. This card sets the tone and mood for how I pose the model, and what I ask them to think about as I’m photographing them. 

I have some ideas for how I want to embellish the images…but again, we’ll see where the Universe takes me with this. Right now I’m enjoying the firstphotographic stages of the project.

Mike Green – Five of Wands

Sarween Salih – Two of Pentacles