10 of Pentacles


This is my cousin Lauren. She's that kind of woman you look at and are like, "damn, that girl is the real deal." - strong in heart, mind, body and soul. Right now she's finishing up her final year of nursing school at UNC. During her school breaks she'll come to visit me and it's always good times. We take photos, bake a huge cake and eat the whole thing, find a fun craft to do, and catch up on life. Last summer when she came to visit us in Calgary I took portraits of her for my tarot project. The card the Universe had for her was the 10 of Pentacles...

Lauren Douglass - 10 of Pentacles

wisdom. attainment. manifestation.

Ahh yes, you have arrived! All the sacrifices you've made, all the hard work you've put in, all the blood, sweat and tears you've shed along the way have led to the culmination of this journey. You've built a future that will nourish you, as well as those around you. Your strong, caring heart and dutiful soul bring a light to this world that is uniquely yours to share. You are the beginning of a new legacy and your future is oh so bright LD. So, glow on girl. The world is your oyster <3