the Couture Girls

There's a time and place for glitter.

Always and everywhere.


Oooh I could eat glitter I love it so much. Naturally I was pumped when these fun-lovin' sisters and momma were down for a glitter explosion for their photoshoot.

We couldn't help ourselves. We started with a little glitter here and there...which quickly turned into all of these lovely ladies sitting in a circle in their front yard while I skipped around them pouring glitter over their heads. Giggle fits ensued.

Hands down though, my favorite moment of the shoot was when Miss Georgia Peach (the youngest of the girls at 2 and a half) was over the tutu glitter parade. I turn around from snapping some pics, and there's Georgia: leotard around her waist, standing on the front porch covered in temporary tattoos from chin to navel saying things like "RipSlinger". I absolutely loved it. The juxtaposition of her glitter loving-tutu wearing-Tinkerbell self to her barefoot running around-little boss lady self is the best ever. Such a great combo. Always makes me smile.