You & Me

Rain or shine Axel loves to explore and be outdoors.

I took these photos of Axel this past April (a couple weeks shy of his first birthday). It had been chilly and rainy and gray for so long. So the first sign of warm-ish weather with clear skies and we took to the front yard and driveway for exploring. Exciting places! Haha. It’s always nice to get some fresh air even if it’s just standing in the driveway.

Axel was really into sticks, and very good at finding all the best ones. Naturally he tried to eat any sticks and rocks and dirt he could get his chubby little baby hands on, because that’s what babies do.

I love all the facial expressions he makes while he's discovering new things. I also love his dirty little toes from his barefoot explorations. It's the little joys in life :)

Axel is wearing:

Shirt – baby Zara (old)

Shorts – Children of the Tribe (old)