zoo boo

Halloween is my favorite. Since I was little I've always loved coming up with costume ideas and then making them from scratch. And now that I've got my own little one, I get to enjoy it all even more. Yes!

Axel really provided me with a challenge this year because at the time he refused to wear any sort of hat, cape, mask, face paint...basically anything that wasn't just normal clothing - and even that was a struggle to get on him. So I decided to make him an artist. He could wear his normal clothes...and I tried my damndest to get him to wear an adorable little red beret, but to no avail. I also tried to draw a Salvador Dali mustache on him - to no avail. He was fine with carrying around his paint brush, or more so chewing on it, but whatever. I made his paint pallet with some felt and glue and just safety pinned it to his shirt. He was a cutie pie artist! :)

We took Axel to the Detroit Zoo for their annual Zoo Boo. All the kids dress up and volunteers pass out candy to them as they walk throughout the zoo. Axel doesn't like candy so he spent his time running around the hay maze, checking out all the cool painted pumpkins, and playing with his friend Rylee...the sweet little tinker bell pictured below :)).

As for next year, I'm already coming up with costume ideas. Maybe Axel will let me put a hat or face paint on him...

Fun side note: Mike and I met at a Halloween party. <3