It was freeeezzzinggg - but we got family photos! The last time we had photos as a family Axel was 7 months old. He's now 22 months old. So needless to say, rain or shine...or 17 degrees outside, we were gettin' some family pictures done. The southerner in me thought it was no big deal to have an outside February. in Detroit. My local friends told me I was brave, and this isn't a norm around here haha.

BUT our wonderful photographers, Autumn Thornsberry and Nick Najduk, did an amazing job of capturing beautiful photos of us in spite of the cold. It made freezing our bums off all worth it! They even incorporated hot chocolate into the shoot. #win. It was Axel's first hot chocolate and he was pretty impressed. He wanted to stick his entire hand in the cup and scoop it out. I get ya boo - it good.

I loved that Autumn suggested we shoot in downtown Detroit. The idea of having photos taken in the city that has been home to us these past three years, and where we brought Axel into the world, made it extra special to me. Mike and I couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful people and experiences we've had here. Detroit, you rock. <3